GOOD NEWS – the name speaks for itself

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It’s time for GOOD NEWS

Everyone deserves to hear some good news. By supporting GOOD NEWS you can help many people lead better lives – not just a select few. We plan and coordinate aid projects in numerous countries around the world from our headquarters in Germany.

We operate economically

Above all, the flexible structures adopted by GOOD NEWS are what make us stand out. We always adapt the extent of our efforts to the particular tasks required for each project. As soon as a project comes to an end, we reduce the amount of aid provided to a level which makes financial sense, whilst continuing to be involved for as long as is needed. This approach prevents us from pouring resources into extensive administration or unnecessary equipment.

We collaborate with WHO

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) believes in our approach, having contributed a seven-figure sum to support GOOD NEWS. Read on to find out how our aid reaches those who need it.

Project Sierra Leone

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